Welcome to the official website of Sat Nam Rasayan Italy.
May this space be, for you, a place where you can “find”.
May your mind stably reside on the path of light that leads all living beings to peace.
May the beauty of your soul find here ways to improve and evolve.
May your heart here rejoice with gratitude…

May the blessings from the Guru and the grace of the Lord be always with you!


Meditation recommended

  • Meditations Workshop Rome, 2016

    Will-go-to-see-where-our-individuality-and-our-totality-meet   Modernize-your-insensitivity-into-sensitivity-to-control-your-self   Index-and-saturn-cross-at-face-that-means-save-save-me-from-the-devil   Soul-identity   Let-the-breath-dance-accurately-to-the-melody-and-see-what-it-does-to-the-pituitary-gland   To-overcome-the-fear-of-ones-own-feelings   Expanded-uses-of-the-gray-matter-experience-the-vitality-in-you

  • Meditations September, 14th 2016

    To  have capacity of endurance   To keep up your energy to confront the challenges