Learning Sat Nam Rasayan is an extremely deep experience that opens the human being to an infinite number of possibilities.

Those who study and practice it are connected to their innate abilities to see and to understand the reality of what occurs. In the neutral space of Sat Nam Rasayan, the projective meditative mind allows the flow without any resistances. This free flow results in a revitalized healing.

In studying Sat Nam Rasayan you learn how to enter into this neutral meditative state, thereby opening your inner universe and discovering the Universal Self. Resistances that block the life flow are dissoved and obstacles to the full realization of your own life are removed.
Reality has no limits – only self-imposed limitations which you learn to dispel with Sat Nam Rasayan.

Sat Nam Rasayan can help those who need it and request it. Even in a single session, the client can enter into a process of healing and self-knowledge.
This is an extraordinary holistic healing art that teaches the practioner how to enter into a deep meditative state, and at the same time how to help people who request healings.

Wherever there is a lack of harmony and balance, that is the place where Sat Nam Rasayan is most needed.

The study of Sat Nam Rasayan takes place through its practical application under the guidance of Guru Dev Singh or experienced teachers.