In Sanskrit language “Sat Nam Rasayan” means “ Deep relaxation in the Divine Name” or “abandon to the essence of the True Identity “. Sat Nam Rasayan is an art of traditional healing using only the ability to feel and the projective meditative mind.
Sat Nam Rasayan, through deep meditation, allows you to experience a state of balance and well-being by overcoming its own mindset acquired over the years. At the same time those who require an individual session experience a feeling of warmth, lightness and relief from the burdens of the mind’s own structure.
No. Sat Nam Rasayan is an ancient healing technique that is transmitted from the Master Yogi Bhajan to the Master Guru Dev Singh. It is a technique of healing meditation that you can learn through direct practice. Those who practice Sat Nam Rasayan are required to have a daily base of constant meditation. The meditations preferred are those from Kundalini Yoga Kriyas but it is a preferential basis and does not exclude other traditions.
You can learn it by attending classes during the year with qualified teachers or attending meetings, workshops and retreats with Master Guru Dev Singh. See the Guru Dev Singh’s worldwide calendar.
The Retreat of Perugia is open to everybody, even for beginners of Sat Nam Rasayan.
You can read the book on Sat Nam Rasayan. To stay in touch follow us on Sat Nam Rasayan and Perugia Retreat Facebook page and also subscribe to the mailing list. We mostly recommend for you to attend  meetings of the Master Guru Dev Singh to learn by him directly.