II level certification

The study plan requires that the student has learned the following knowledge:

1. Forms: as symbolic structures that have the capacity to influence reality
2. Elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Recognize how the universe is made up of these and how they can be used in the art of healing
3. Resonance or impact: be aware of how the action of healing influence the present moment and how it will affect the future
4. The dreaming state: dream consciously using this state to heal
5. The art of knowledge: to know the unknown


Requirements for the examination and request the certificate

The student must have participated in at least:

24 workshops (1 workshop = 1 day five hours) with a certificated teacher. One Perugia retreat count as 4 days maximum.

1. Written part: patient report to document a case study of one patient over 3 months of at least 6 sessions.
2. Level II candidates must understand and be proficient in the following SNR concepts: Resonance, Forms/Shapes, Elements, Dream State, Art of Knowing


The certificates come from the International Sat Nam Rasayan School and are managed by Atma Kaur and Daya Singh.
For any further information write to certificate@satnamrasayan.it