Beloved community of Sat Nam Rasayan,
as you know the official logo of the Sat Nam Rasayan was directly based on Master Guru Dev Singh’s drawing as well as subsequent improvements.

Logo symbols

The hands are in the position of the mudra of meditation that Yogi Bhajan himself indicated as the ideal practice for the healer of Sat Nam Rasayan.
The 8-pointed star indicates the expansion of consciousness in the 8 directions of space.
Finally the Ik Onkar, in the center of the star, symbolizes that all is One, that there is no differentiation. The starting point is this: to recognize that there is no difference.


The official version

The original design has undergone corrections over the years.
The first step took place when the original design was made into a vector graphics for more accurate printing and to be used at a professional level.
The second step was the trade mark registration of the brand-logo to preserve its authenticity.
The third and final step was changing the font used in it.

Use of the logo

We therefore only use the logo shown above in jpg.
If you need the vector format please ask We will send it as soon as possible.

Incorrect use

We heartfully recommend not to manipulate the logo in any way but to use it in the correct version above.
Over the years, we have seen different cases of misuse and we will point out some examples so that those who are still using the logo incorrectly will use correct version:

  1. Putting your own name in the logo
  2. Changing the font used
  3. Changing colors
  4. Omitting the trademark “®”

We remind you that it is a registered trademark.