GDS102 In Sanskrit “Sat Nam Rasayan” means “deep relaxation in the Divine Name” or “oneself rising to the essence of True Identity”.
Sat Nam Rasayan is a traditional way of healing exclusively based on self-awareness.

The specific aspect of self awareness, which is the fundamental principle of Sat Nam Rasayan, is the capacity to feel. Sat Nam Rasayan is both a meditative technique and a way of healing.

The art of healing through meditation is based on the projective meditative mind. Those who ask to be healed can experience the natural meditative mind of a yogi and achieve the possibility to enhance one’s own meditative space and the ability to contain what happens.

The origins of this ancient technique, which has been transmitted for centuries in silence from master to disciple, are unknown. It’s currently spreading through the hard work of Guru Dev Singh Ph. D., the only custodian and master of the tradition which he learned, in the late 1970’s, through a traditional initiation method directly from Master Yogi Bhajan. Today Master Guru Dev Singh heals and teaches throughout the world.

He established and personally oversees the Sat Nam Rasayan’s school. The school has thousands of students in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia and Europe.