About Sat Nam Rasayan.

The fundamental principle of Sat Nam Rasayan, is the capacity to feel: Sat Nam Rasayan is both a meditative technique and a way of healing.

The school.

The preservation, the study, the practice and the application of the techniques of Sat Nam Rasayan.

International Retreat.

Six-day course with the International Sangat: a unique opportunity to learn this ancient healing art, for both experts and beginners.

Welcome to the official website
of Sat Nam Rasayan International School.

Preserving, passing on and spreading the teaching of Sat Nam Rasayan over time.

Worldwide calendar.

To participate in a class exchanging experiences with other members of the Sangat


How to do without it? Any useful information and timely updates to keep up with the Sat Nam Rasayan community.

May this space be a place where you can find.
May your mind stably reside on the path of light that leads all living beings to peace.
May the beauty of your soul find here ways to improve and evolve.
May the blessings from the Guru and the Grace of the Lord be always with you.”
(Atma Kaur & Daya Singh)

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