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AKHAND PAATH By Guru’s Grace, there will be a Sri Akhand Paath Sahib held in honour of BabaJi Gurudev Singh Jis 1 Year Memorial (Barsi). Below are the details and timings of the Akhand Paath: AKHAND Path: 4th April – 6th April 2022 Starting @ 10am (GMT+8) CEST 16h on Monday. Asa Di Vaar (5th […]

Guru Dev Singh left the body

Guru Dev Singh, Master of Sat Nam Rasayan, dedicated his entire life to the teaching and diffusion of this unique healing technique. Art of healing and comprehension of inestimable value, part of the phenomenal reality and now part of our reality thanks to our Master, who disclosed it and made it accessible to all human […]

Meditations of Special Edition Retreat 2020

KWTC 890725 Ask the heavens to drop virtues in the center of your palm LA804 940822 8 Strokes Meditation SA TA NA MA LA830 950315 without fear developed intuition LA854 951212 today we are trying to invoke in us that inner hidden sense. The turyia. The I-essence NM126 940309 True Love #4 Remove physical, mental […]