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Meditations for March 2020 (Coronavirus Time)

Guru Dev Singh recommended these meditations in March 2020 for the time of Coronavirus. LA673 Third Chakra, it is a point of pure energy (the third chakra is a point of pure energy) PDF (with video 23 MB) NM425 EXPAND THE BREATH OF LIFE (Lengthen the breath of life) PDF with video (19 MB) PDF […]

Meditation of Perugia Retreat 2019

Here are some of the meditations held at the Retreat of Sat Nam Rasayan of Perugia – 2019 770221 Pranayam Cleansing Meditation 771212 – To Promote the Parasympathetic Nervous System LA005 780110 soothing effect on the personality LA051 780907 vagus nerve is tuned up of the cosmic consciousness LA070 781113 drive out depression and bring […]

Meditations of the Perugia Retreat 2018

Here some meditation we had in the XXVII Retreat of Sat Nam Rasayan of Perugia. KWTC 870710 B JAN UPAR KO NA PUKAAR no one complains about the Lord KWTC 940630 Meditation for Intuition LA035 780510 MEDITATION ON THE INFINITE ONE GOD LA957 A00412 RECHARGE YOURSELF PRANAYAMA TO GET DISEASE OUT LA967 A10412 WE ARE […]