Guru Dev Singh, Master of Sat Nam Rasayan, dedicated his entire life to the teaching and diffusion of this unique healing technique.

Art of healing and comprehension of inestimable value, part of the phenomenal reality and now part of our reality thanks to our Master, who disclosed it and made it accessible to all human beings.

In 40 years of his restless teaching, it was an honor and a gift to be able to share with him the learning, the training, the practice, and the experience of an entire lifetime.

The Sat Nam Rasayan, the key that every person can use to understand the relationship between the phenomena. The part of our life that gives us the possibility to draw near the awakening of the One Consciousness, to connect to the Sacred Space, and to be the Flow with no shapes and form.

The Sat Nam Rasayan’s beloved family is now together in this meaningful moment and humbling praying to help the master who just left his physical body a few hours ago.

We are immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to know him and attend his teachings. We move forward with the aim of every master: to pursue his teachings.

Puebla, Mexico December 10, 1948
San Cristobal, Mexico April 5, 2021

If the shape vanishes, don’t be afraid: its root is eternal.
Every image you see, every speech you listen to
Don’t suffer when it disappears, because that is not true.
Because eternal it’s the source.
Free the brain from the pain, drink from this water;
Don’t be afraid that it dries, it’s water with no shores!
And keep moving forward and dive in that sea:
So you, a drop, will be immense sea and ocean.
Stop talking about “Son”, speak with your heart: “One”.

Jalal al Din Rumi